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Our Loan Products

Fix and Flip Loans: 

We will loan 70% of the After Repair Value (ARV) to finance both the acquisition as well as the construction of any fix and flip project.  When we are financing all or a portion of the construction, we will hold the construction amount of the loan is escrow and disburse it out over the course of anywhere from one to seven draws--depending on the amount of construction being financed.  

Buy and Hold Loans:

Who doesn't want some extra cash coming in every month in the form of rental income? Many of our customers buy houses that need significant rehabilitation, then fix them up and put long-term loans on them at the newly increased value so as to pick up a rental property with little to no cash out of pocket.

With our buy and hold loans, we will also finance 70% of the ARV; however, due to the fact that long-term lenders are no longer doing cash-out refinances, we have a special program where we will finance far more than 70% loan to value in order to keep our customers' cash out of the deal.  This allows you to pick up a rental property with as little cash tied up in it as possible. Please contact us to inquire about our special program!

Our Fee Structure:

At Bluebird Mortgage Corporation, we have very straightforward, upfront fees.  A lot of other hard money lenders in town charge countless "Junk Fees," extraneous charges for anything and everything that hard money lender must do in their day to day business.  Some of these charges that we have heard of include a charge for reviewing your application; a charge for inspecting the subject property before even committing to making the loan; a charge for documentation preparation; a charge for a construction disbursement; the list just goes on and on.  In many cases these fees can add up to thousands of dollars, and we don't feel that it is fair to hide these kinds of fees from customers who are looking for straightforward facts when deciding on the best financing options available to them.

We don't believe in slipping these additional hidden fees in on our customers.  At Bluebird Mortgage, our fee structure is simple:

  • ABSOLUTELY NO UPFRONT FINANCING FEES!  There are absolutely no upfront costs to obtain a loan from us.  Your first charge will be your first month's interest payment, and our origination fee is due on the back end, once your loan is being payed off.
  • We charge 14% per year interest, paid monthly, and a 4 point origination fee, due at payoff
  • There is no prepayment penalty
  • Our loans are written on 6 month terms, but all of our loans now contain an option to extend the maturity day of the loan for an addition 3 months
  • Again, there are ABSOLUTELY NO JUNK FEES, so don't worry about getting blindsided by any additional financing costs when borrowing from Bluebird.