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Bluebird Mortgage Corporation


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Bluebird Mortgage Corporation

Bluebird Mortgage Corporation is a very unique hard money lending company serving real estate investors in and around the Denver Metro area.  Whether you are a seasoned investor doing dozens of deals per year or you are very new to the business just trying to get your feet wet in real estate investment; whether you are a full time fix and flipper or you are just trying to pick up a rental property to supplement your retirement, Bluebird Mortgage can provide you with the proper financing options to help you achieve your goals.

Bluebird Mortgage is different from most other hard money lending firms in the area because we are a small but growing company without many of the strenuous lending guidelines and procedures of other companies.  We therefore make the process of securing financing for your next deal extraordinarily fast and painless, giving you more time to focus on the REAL difficulties in this business.  Real estate investment is hard enough; with the massive drop in inventory that we've seen over the last couple of years, it's getting harder and harder to find deals. And it's always an arduous task to manage your projects from dealing with contractors, to complying with city and state laws, to finding buyers or tenants for your houses. Don't let the financing aspect of your business be as big of a headache!  We can typically approve a loan within 24 hours and, if necessary, can fund them in a matter of a couple of days, not weeks!   

Try Bluebird Mortgage Corporation out for your next deal, and see for yourself how much nicer it can be with a smaller, more flexible company with an absolute focus on service to our customers.  Get prequalified today!